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About Us

Why the company was founded

Putting the health of customers first

In 2010 we, Jacob Prange and Zaki Vithen, came together with similar observations of current health trends and compromised food sources. Food sources that in the past 50 years have become increasingly industrialized. Much of the foods in our supermarkets today are either a poor nutritional food source, full of chemicals, full of sugars, unnatural ingredients or most worryingly and commonly, a mix, while yet claiming to be healthy.

Today the number one killer of premature death in the US is remarkably poor diet and 6 of the top ten leading causes of premature death come down to poor health choices. An unfortunate trend that increasingly is effecting most countries in the world. Additionally we have a drug industry that focuses on treating poor health choice symptoms and diseases. Doctors that mainly learn how to treat rather than importantly how to prevent through change of diet.

With our backgrounds in the health and beauty industry our vision was to create a brand that only natural ingredients, organic whenever possible and to always put quality and purity first. By applying these fundamental rules, we wanted to create some of the most advanced natural products and today we truly believe that we have achieved this. We feel so confident in our products that we offer you the longest no risk satisfaction guarantee in our business of 365 days. Yes, that’s one full year!

As an important addition to our products, we want to providing educational health information to help you make smarter and better health choices through our newsletter and our social media pages whether you’re a customer or not – all in the pursuit of a long life in good health.

Today we service our customers from more than 20 countries around the world from our location in Aarhus, Denmark.

Our Philosophy

Using ONLY the very best from nature

We know that for optimal health, people must have a broad array of vitamins and minerals working in synergy. There is no “non-essential” vitamin or mineral. Even those present in trace amounts have a major role to play in total health. Proper nutrition is what gives our bodies the ability to overcome stress and to repair and heal itself.

With so many varied food choices, not all of them good, and so many processed foods, along with artificially manipulated (GMO) foods and pesticides, our bodies are under constant attack which overwhelms the body’s natural abilities to combat stress, and our ability to keep ourselves healthy. This is why high-quality supplementation is essential.

The same goes for the skin as well as our interior organs. The skin is our largest organ, buffering our bodies from extraneous toxins. But in our age of chemical onslaught even in our households, our skin is penetrated by pollutants on a daily basis many of which produce damaging oxidative stress inside and out. The oxidative stress is what causes skin to age prematurely, and lack of adequate skin nutrients is what keeps our skin from repairing itself.

At vipra | natural choices, we want to raise the bar by setting higher standards of quality in natural supplements and organic skincare products in order to provide the kind of nourishment inside and out that can ultimately lead to glowing health.

Our Principles

Made ONLY with natural & pure ingredients

 We ONLY use natural ingredients and organic whenever possible
 Sourcing only the purest and highest quality ingredients
 The greatest opportunity for optimal health is when the customer is as informed as possible
 Quality customer service for best customer experience

Our Mission

Educating our customers on how to improve their health It is our desire to help improve people’s lives through our high-quality natural skincare and supplement products, and by providing them free health information. We address this through blogs, articles, and our very own encyclopedia of ingredients and terms, as well as other information. We believe that information coupled with the right products can result in better health and, thus, higher quality of life.

The vipra | natural choices Difference

A genuine interested in improving the health of our customers

Our customers are our greatest asset. We at vipra | natural choices are not only interested in business, we are genuinely interested in the welfare of our customers and their opportunity to benefit from increasingly good health. We provide you, not only complete disclosure of ingredients and formulas, but we offer at your fingertips, encyclopedias of every ingredient and glossaries of terms so that our customers are completely informed as to what they are purchasing. In addition, we have a blog, a newsletter, and a social media presence.

Our products are sourced from all over the world selecting only ingredients of the highest quality - organic whenever possible. This ensures end products, along with scientific research, that are more effective and work just as promised.

In fact we are so sure of our products that we offer a full 365 day money back guarantee! You can read more about our 365 days return policy here.

FREE Shipping

free shipping

You can enjoy FREE Shipping on all orders to Canada, Hong Kong, Macau and the USA.

For other international orders, we have a flat rate charge of $8.95 for shipping and handling. All orders above $49 will enjoy FREE shipping*. Learn more here.

Try Risk Free

365 days guarantee return policy

Try any of our products completely risk free with our 365 days full satisfaction guarantee or your money back!

A guarantee we offer because we are completely confident in our formula’s and the unmatched quality of all our products. Learn more.

Natural Ingredients

natural supplements

All our supplements are created with the science of natural health from the cleanest sources in nature. As with diet, the nutrition in a supplement should be from naturally grown or organic sources, and as complete and digestible as possible to ensure they are processed efficiently for maximum effect.

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